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Bustier Pattern  
08:14pm 23/04/2009
Hello Sewing Sirens!

I am looking for a bustier pattern with cups, and wished to know if you guys had any suggestions. I think I could modify one without cups, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
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See ya later ghetto!  
01:54pm 26/11/2007
Finally getting into a new apartment next month. Its nice! 1,220 square feet two bedroom at 700 a month. Going to check it out for a while then my friend Rob might move into the complex. It would be so bad ass if all of my friends moved in here. It would be like being a kid again with everyone in the same neighborhood. Or does that mean that I'd barely do any homework now....hmm...

deimosmasque is feeling so often depressed these days. I try to comfort but sometimes I really just sit there and stare, and I feel like I haven't aged much from being the immature otaku girl. But then I am 21..and most people my age are crazy immature. I guess I hang around older people too much lol.
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11:46pm 17/11/2007
Why yes I am. Hopefully next month. We've been doing the apartment hunting thing for a couple of months now and finally got one. Its a two bedroom apartment at about 1,220 square feet. I really hope it goes well and that its better then the ghettoish neighborhood I'm in.

Did a shopping spree for myself and only bought one christmas present. I'm so naughty.
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well that break is gone  
09:34am 04/10/2007
funny how I only seem to post here whenever I want to post some sort of agenda on my school break. I didn't get to everything...obviously..but I was almost finished with my super deformed self portrait. And I was able to get more work done on my future fetish site which should hopefully open up before christmas *crosses fingers*.

I've got a good feeling so far about this semester. All the teachers I have I absolutely adore. And it doesn't hurt that two of them are hot. *thumbs up* Me and my obsession with older men. One looks like the pirate and the other is a cute curly haired asian guy. Who I discovered is the same age as my boyfriend yesterday. lol.

Speaking of whom we are taking baby steps to be in a better position financially. damn bills.
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03:53pm 05/09/2007
Not exactly posting about how my life has been, mainly school school school. My website has been put on halt but hopefully it should be making a comeback.

But the purpose of this post is for me to put a checklist of all the projects I want to do, and hopefully get started on during my break. Doubt I'll actually finish them.

Model bottom half of Vi, and texture
Model, texture, and rig a stingray (realistic)
model, texture, and rig a mechanical fish (non-realistic)
model and texture a realistic face (based on mine) and go for there
and model and texture out the mountain flower
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Spring break! *flashes the nudes*  
11:20am 19/03/2007
Woo spring break is next week! woo! Gonna get on girls gone wild! Ah. No I'm not.

So this weekend I had my friend Stephanie come by. It was lots o fun. She needed to come by because she and her boyfriend were having some tension because she is stuck home all the time. So our place was her retreat. I really hope it helped with their relationship.

So since I have my break next week, I seem to want to make an lj post where I attempt to type up all the things I want to do...and probably wont. I have much less sewing I want to do this time.

Sewing bows to sailor saturn costume
Redoing parts of the Touga Jacket

Guitar! I must learn more then two cords damnit!

Portfolio work.
Go back and work on past projects (Fix scion)
Finish anime head, possibly body
set up print portfolio
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Neil Boortz said I was hot.  
09:48am 15/03/2007
So deimosmasque wanted to go to this Neil Boortz booksigning thing yesterday, and I decided I wanted to tag along even though I'm not particularly a fan but I enjoy his show. So when it was our turn to get our books signed, I stepped to the side to get their picture together. Neil asked Deimos who I was and called him a stud. And he wanted me to turn around. And me being the klutz that I am, thought that meant just looking behind me. But really he just wanted me to spin around to see if I had a "tramp stamp." And since I didn't have one he congratulated me. lol
mood: okayokay
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Nerd and Guitar, level up!  
09:19pm 25/01/2007
I gained a guitar level! I now know two cords. Woo. I know the G and the D7

Things are going better again, loosing inches around the waist and school isn't completely wiping me out.

I started playing D&D. So now I'm even nerdier. Just what I needed...
mood: happyhappy
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Weight Loss  
11:52am 19/01/2007
Woo! A couple of weeks ago I decided I was getting my waist down to a 29 and I'm just about there. So now I'm pushing forward to tighten my abs and bum. My success so far with this has been exercising semi-regularly and limiting myself to about one soda a day. Which is definitely hard.

So now I finally have a more upbeat lj post. Yay.
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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Really crappy week  
12:30pm 15/01/2007
Getting over a craptastic week.

I've been wanting to post about my Cousin Danny dying but I haven't been able to do it. I figured if I posted about it earlier it would be the mopiest journal entry ever, so I kept it to myself and with deimosmasque. He died last monday morning in a car crash. Swerved on the wet road and ran into a parked suv on the side of the road, and died on impact. Thankfully. My heart does go to his family, even though I didn't have the balls to go his funeral.

And then before Jezebel died, so it feels like it happened last week.

School started on monday as well. And I really am looking forward to this semester, but it starting at the same time as my cousin's death has made it harder.

On saturday night I got into a somewhat argument with Deimos which turned out okay in the end. But god damn.

But this is a new week and I will own you week!
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